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  • WESLEY WILLIS ultra rare 2002 1-of-a-kind huge CONCERT POSTER 02/07/02

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    This poster was created just for this single concert at the Warehouse, featuring creative genius WESLEY WILLIS with GRAND BUFFET.     

    This show was on Thursday Feb 7th 2002, at the Warehouse in La Crosse, WI.  

    The show's headliner was WESLEY WILLIS, a Chicago based musician on Alternative Tentacles Records.  Wesley, who was diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic , created wild music with lyrcis about everything from KMFDM to cutting someone's mullet to engaging in beastiality with a Doberman.  ROCK AND ROLL MCDONALDS video  

    Hugely prolific, Wesley released dozens of CDs on his own, and also through Alternative Tentacles Records.  He was known for headbutting people at concerts and especially at his merchandise table.  He was a very large man, and actually broke one of the stairs at the Warehouse.  

    During one show night, a Warehouse Staffer asked "Could I buy one of your CDs?", to which Wesley replied, "NO", making a 'peace' sign with his fingers, "..you can buy TWO."  

    The staffer was only allowed to buy 2 CDs, Wesley would not sell him just 1.

    About a year and a half after this show,Wesley died from complications related to leukemia.  He was 40 years old.

    GRAND BUFFET, a satirical rap band from Pittsburgh PA opened the show. GRAND BUFFET still performs and records today. The act has toured with MGMT, OF MONTREAL, SAGE FRANCIS.  

    This poster is the only large format version we have, and was custom designed specifically for this single show.

    It is printed black and white on the technology of the time, on large format architectural copy paper, and is the original version we displayed in our front window.  It has been stored for almost 14 years, and needs a little flattening to get it to lay flat.

    It measures 36 inches by 55 inches.  Thats 3 FEET by 4 FEET 7 INCHES!  

    As with all of our custom designed for-the-event posters, it is a true piece of musical history!



    DATE:  02/07/02

    SIZE:  36 inches Wide x 55 inches High

    FORMAT:  Black and white large format architectural blueprint machine

    ADDL INFO:  Ripples from being rolled so long.  We feel pretty confident in saying this is the largest image of Wesley's face ever produced.  You'll never find anything like it.

    This 1-OF-A-KIND LARGE POSTER is being sold to help raise operating funds for WAREHOUSE ALLIANCE INC, a 501c3 non-profit organization that was formed in late 2013 to oversee the operation of WAREHOUSE all-ages venue in La Crosse Wisconsin, an all-ages drug and alcohol-free performance space for young adults that has operated since 1991 and is one of America's longest running all-ages no alcohol venues. 

    www.AllAgesAlliance.org  www.WareHouseRocks.com