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  • WAREHOUSE MERCH COUNTER on WHEELS / Covered in Band Stickers

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    This is the Merch Counter from the Warehouse, and for over a decade it was located upstairs at the top of the stairs right by the Main Room doors.  

    It has four (4) solid wheels on it, one (1) with a locking mechanism.  

    Glass front and top.  

    A bajillion stickers over the purple and teal color scheme.  

    Stickers on the front, sides, top, inner walls, inside counter, etc.  It looks like a sticker factory blew up in there.

    The only flaw (visible in one of the pics) is a corner of glass that is missing on the top, about 8x8x8 inches.  That area is duct-taped over, and also features a couple stickers as well as marker doodlings from bands.   

    Lots of other doodlings inside and on top, signatures we can't read.  

    If this thing could talk....

    This is on four (4) wheels, so it is easy to move horizontally.  

    But it will take 4 guys to move it down the stairs.  

    Once outside, it can be wheeled anywhere. But coming down will take 4 guys.

    Use this in your rec room or man cave or even your retail store.  Lots of possibilities.

    **UNABLE to ship!!!!**