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  • Vintage Test Bomb, inert, dropped from planes -- centerpiece!!

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    This is a great centerpiece or part of a sign for your tattoo shop, clothing store, or any other type of retail. 

    You could also get pretty creative with it around your home.

    Originally used by either the Army or the Navy, this practice bomb was filled with water or sand and dropped on targets for training from planes. 

    This one was purchased in the 1980s from a vintage surplus store, has a couple coats of silver paint on it, and has a lot of "Lip Service", "Lucky 13", and "Catherine Coatney" stickers on it, and a coat of silver metallic paint. It was used a centerpiece at an edgy clothing store.

    Check out the image we found online from Omaha Surplus where these regularly go for $499. We're selling this one for almost HALF that.

    Peel off the stickers, hit it with some matte paint, and stencil on some letters of your choice and BAM! you've got a centerpiece custom designed for your business. Or maybe it just looks cool in your living room or bedroom. make a lamp out of it!  

    Lots of possibilities.