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  • Vintage Hartmann Wardrobe Trunk/Steamer Trunk

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    Those long voyages across the country and across the ocean to and from Europe required a big case for people's clothing and belongings. Wardrobes/steamer trunks were the solution. 

    This antique is from the Hartmann Trunk Company in Racine, Wisconsin, a large manufacturer of trunks. The company was started by a German immigrant in the 1880s, and became one of the biggest manufacturers of wardrobe and steamer trunks, with retail stores on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and wholesale agents all over the world. They grew to employee over 300 people, and had a sprinkler system throughout their factory buildings, which was way ahead of their time. 

    This trunk has wear ("patina!") and a broken clasp ("character"!).

    These go for anywhere from $400-900 on ebay.

    We are happy to send it to a good home for only $175. Many possible uses for displays in retail settings, as a coffee table with history, etc.

    This is being sold to help raise money for Warehouse Alliance 501c3 Non-Profit here in La Crosse.


    The Alliance needs funding to continue providing an alcohol & drug-free performance place for young adults more than we need some cool memorabilia & antiques.