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  • THE USED / AUDIOVENT / PRESSURE 4-5 2002 first tour 1-of-a-kind huge poster

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    This poster was created just for this single concert at the Warehouse, featuring PRESSURE 4-5, with guests AUDIOVENT and THE USED.  

    This show, on April 23, 2002, was 2 months before THE USED released their debut album "The Used."  We believe it was their first tour, and that this was the final date of that tour before they headed home to Utah.

    They played first, before AUDIOVENT.  AUDIOVENT was a band from California that featured 3 members closely related to INCUBUS.  Vocalist Jason Boyd was the brother of INCUBUS frontman Brandon Boyd; AUDIOVENT guitarist Benjamin Einzinger was the brother of INCUBUS guitarist Mike Einzinger, and AUDIOVENT bassist Paul Fried is their stepbrother.

    Before AUDIOVENT played, THE USED vocalist Bert McCracken tossed a couple of M-80 fireworks from the stage.  That did not go over too well with Warehouse management.

    Following AUDIOVENT's set, California band PRESSURE 4-5 hit the stage.  They were a nu metal band who had 1 record out on Dreamworks Records, and ironically, broke up later the year of this show.  

    Of the 3 bands who performed, obviously THE USED has had the most impact and longevity.  Warehouse staff and alumni were especially thrilled when Dan Whitesides joined the band as drummer.  Dan had played the Warehouse a number of times with his Salt Lake City-based band, THE NEW TRANSIT DIRECTION.

    This poster is the only large format version we have.  

    It is printed full color on photo poster paper, and was laminated.  

    It measures 3 feet by 4 feet.  

    There is some double stick tape on the back (we intended to hang it in the stairwell but decided to hang a smaller version.  

    There is a slight duct tape residue patch on the performer to the far left, and a little cracking on the lamination around the edges. 

    As with all of our custom designed for-the-event posters, it is a true piece of musical history!



    DATE:  04/23/02

    SIZE:  48 W x 36 H


    ADDL INFO:  LAMINATED, some double stick tape on rear, slight cracking around edges

    This 1-OF-A-KIND LARGE POSTER is being sold to help raise operating funds for WAREHOUSE ALLIANCE INC, a 501c3 non-profit organization that was formed in late 2013 to oversee the operation of WAREHOUSE all-ages venue in La Crosse Wisconsin, an all-ages drug and alcohol-free performance space for young adults that has operated since 1991 and is one of America's longest running all-ages no alcohol venues. 

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