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  • The Rarest WAREHOUSE Vintage unworn Hoodie in the world!

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    This vintage WAREHOUSE Hoodie was embroidered for staff members for Christmas one year.  Only 12 were made.  Most have worn out, been lost, or been hacked up (like Rich's) and sewn into other clothing.

    This particular one was stored in a back closet at the Warehouse, after Steve decided that he probably shouldn't be wearing clothing that said "f*ck" on it.

    Recently uncovered, it suffers only one problem: a 1/4 slit in the material on the back.  

    These pullover hoodies, made exclusively for the staff, feature sparkly silver embroidery.

    On the front, the word "WAREHOUSE" is in 1 1/2 inches letters across the center, with "La Crosse WI" underneath.  Again, the letters are embroidery in silver sparkle thread.

    On the back is the controversy.  The staff had varying reactions to, and when wearing, the embroidery on the rear.  Again in big silver sparkle lettering, is "WAREHOUSE".  Underneath was the catchphrase.  "F*cking Sh*t Up Since 1991".

    As opposed to "making a mess of things", obviously it was a badass statement that Warehouse was shaking things up in the dormant downtown at the time.

    This particular pullover hoodie is surely in the best condition of the dozen or so that were made, as it was never worn.  

    SIZE XL.  Jerzees NuBlend 50/50 heavyweight.  Stiching" Sparkle silver.  

    ONLY ONE.  The. Only. One.   More rare than unobtanium.


    Most of the profit from this listing will go to help sustain Warehouse Alliance, Inc., a 501(c)3 all volunteer non-profit benefiting the La Crosse, WI area youth by providing a safe, alcohol-free environment to see local music and learn about the inner workings about being in the music business.  Warehouse Alliance is operated exclusively by volunteers.

    A portion of the profit will be donated by Warehouse Alliance Inc to WAFER Food Pantry in La Crosse, to help their mission to provide food and eliminate hunger.