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  • SONIC YOUTH - "Daydream Nation" original pressing CD, rare, Enigma / Blast First

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    Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation
    Even though it's Sonic Youth's signature album, and really, one of the greatest albums ever, Daydream Nation has had a strange release history.
    Due to label and distribution troubles, this album was pretty hard to find in stores during its initial release, and went out of print way too soon.
    DGC Records eventually reissued it in 1993, but fans (and even the band) agree that they botched the mastering job, making the music sound much harsher than was ever intended. Subsequent reissues fixed the harsh sound, but they also fell victim to the unfortunate "Loudness War" trend that had become common at the time.

    Bottom line: if you want the best-sounding version of Sonic Youth's 1988 masterpiece "Daydream Nation", you want the original Enigma/Blast First release, and that is exactly what The Warehouse is selling.

    This CD was purchased at a Seattle used record store as a "safety copy," but the owner has since realized that in 33 years of collecting, no woman has ever been impressed by his giant CD shelf, and decided to part with a few of his more superfluous belongings.

    The inserts are in great condition (minor indents from the plastic jewel case, but they're barely noticeable), but the disc has some minor scratches (do not affect play or ripping capabilities).

    This pressing is pretty hard to find, so if you're a fan of
    Sonic Youth, Alternative Music or just plain Good Music, you better act now.

    Additional Links:
    "Teenage Riot" (Track 1) Official Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8C7Ke-62ok