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  • RASPUTINA - "Cabin Fever!" CD, rare first pressing, cardboard digipak

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    Rasputina - Cabin Fever!
    Victorian Cello Rock trio Rasputina's 2002 album, Cabin Fever!, was released in two editions: the first pressing came in a unique cardboard Digipack, while the subsequent pressings were lodged in a boring old jewel case.
    Both editions are out of print, but The Warehouse is selling the super-rare Digipack edition, which was originally purchased directly from the band shortly after their first Warehouse performance in the summer of 2002. 
    Seriously, Melora Creager herself handed this to the original owner, who was a Warehouse staffer at the time!

    Rasputina fans will tell you that this is one of their top albums, featuring classics like "Sweetwater Kill," "My Orphanage," and "Antique High Heel Red Doll Shoes."
    When the band played the Warehouse, the staff stood in awe, watching Melora and crew go from elegant symphonic suites to heavy riffs that would put any Metal band to shame- all done with cellos. There's never been a show quite like it, before or since.

    The CD itself is in great condition, with no noticeable marks on the disc.
    The cardboard Digipack and liner notes are in fine shape, with the only noticeable defect being a line drawn through the barcode with a sharpie (maybe the band were selling promos that night? Who knows...).
    If you're already a
    Rasputina fan, or just a music lover looking for something unique, this is a great edition to your collection.

    Additional Links:
    "My Orphanage" (Track 9) Live Performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z56OJ0QcUYs