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  • MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK huge color 1-of-a-kind 2004 Concert Poster 04/03/04

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    This poster was printed for a show that was originally scheduled for the Warehouse and had as its headliner SUGARCULT, then we moved it to the Oktoberfest Grounds because of huge ticket demand, and then the singer for SUGARCULT developed disabling Tinnitus, they had to cancel the tour, so we moved it back to the Warehouse with MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK and LETTER KILLS, adding SOMERSET and SMALL TOWNS BURN A LITTLE SLOWER.  Thats where things got interesting, especially for you MCS superfans.

    Showdate was April 3, 2004.

    This is the SECOND version of the poster for the event, because with all of the changes the poster also changed as each venue and line-up changed. It is a design that was only used for this single show, so its rare by any definition.  The first version was black and white and had Sugarcult as the headliner.

    SUGARCULT never did play at the Warehouse.  

    MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK played several times, and each show was bigger and bigger.  They were always good about bringing other Minneapolis bands with them when they played, exposing new bands to a big crowd.  Always great Midwestern guys.  This show in fact was not their first at the Warehouse, that first show was opening for ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS.

    On this tour, MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK were promoting their release "I Am The Movie".  The record had been released twice already by the band, then amazingly a 3rd time in June of 2003 by Epitaph Records.  We don't think they played any songs off of "Commit This To Memory", but we can't verify that.

    Island Records artists LETTER KILLS toured as direct support for MCS.  The band broke up 2 years later in 2006.  Singer Matthew Shelton joined Christian rock band THE WEDDING in 2008 as their lead singer. Since that point, THE WEDDING has released one EP independently in 2010, and a full-length album on Tooth & Nail Records in 2012.  Bass player Cody Driggers also plays in Christian-rock band PROJECT 86.

    Here's where things get funky:  One of the support bands on this show, Minneapolis band SOMERSET, features a familiar face to MCS fans (and perhaps to old school Minneapolis ska fans).  SOMERSET drummer, Claudio Rivera, is now the drummer for MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK.  Nine years after this show, where Claudio's band opened for MCS, he became the band's permanent drummer, stepping up to fill the shoes of long-time MCS drummer Tony Thaxton.

    Minneapolis band SMALL TOWNS BURN A LITTLE SLOWER opened up this show.  A couple months after this show, the band released the EP "Small Towns Burn A Little Slower" on Rise Records. The band played many shows at the Warehouse. Eventually they were signed to Triple Crown Records and in 2006 released the full-length "Mortality as Home Entertainment".

    SMALL TOWNS BURN A LITTLE SLOWER shot a video with director Justin Staggs in Minneapolis for their track "Answers", about someone being "roofied" at a teenage drinking party.  Warehouse Alliance, Inc. Executive Director Steve Harm had a bit role in the video, as a Police Officer breaking up the party.


    This fantastic concert poster is printed on glossy poster paper on a large format photo printer.  Not laminated.

    It measures 36 inches wide by 59 inches high.  

    Look at the photos that include a bass guitar and a ladder to see how big this really is!

    As with ALL of our custom designed-for-the-event posters, it is a truly unique piece of musical history!



    SHOW DATE:  04/03/04  (poster is from 2004, not a reprint--we do not do reprints)

    SIZE:  36 inches wide x 59 inches high

    FORMAT:  Full color printed on a large format photo printer

    ADDL INFO:  Claudio!

    This 1-OF-A-KIND LARGE POSTER is being sold to help raise operating funds for WAREHOUSE ALLIANCE INC, a 501c3 non-profit organization that was formed in late 2013 to oversee the operation of WAREHOUSE all-ages venue in La Crosse Wisconsin, an all-ages drug and alcohol-free performance space for young adults that has operated since 1991 and is one of America's longest running all-ages no alcohol venues. 

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