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  • MDFMK - "MDFMK" *signed!* CD original pressing 2000

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    Back in 1999, KMFDM frontman Sascha Konietzko declared his band a spent force and announced that he and collaborator Tim Skold would be forming a new project together, cleverly called MDFMK.
    The new name was an open wink to fans, indicating that while this would be a fresh start for Sacha and Skold, things wouldn't stray too far from what made KMFDM (in)famous. MDFMK signed to a major label, released their debut album, and toured the country, selling millions of records and eventually becoming an international success.

    JUST KIDDING! For whatever reason, MDFMK bombed pretty badly, and Sascha announced KMFDM's reformation a year later. Commercial failures aside, this record has aged remarkably well, and it's a worthy addition to any fan's collection. The Warehouse is selling the original MDFMK album, signed by all three members of the band. The CD was purchased in La Crosse on the release date (March 28th, 2000), and signed by Sascha, Skold and singer Lucia Cifarelli shortly after a live show at Chicago's Cabaret Metro in June of the same year (the person who donated this to us would also like to note that Lucia kissed his forehead right after she signed the album sleeve).

    The CD is in great condition, with a few minor scratches on the disc that don't affect play or ripping capabilities.
    The inserts are all in great condition, with the only markings being the aforementioned signatures from the band.

    Additional Links:
    "Live" Performance of "Rabble Rouser" (Track 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9lNQ7bDSYM

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