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  • JBL ND 310 Northridge Series, Pair


    These are part of JBL's "Northridge" Series, and always received great reviews from Audiophiles. They are big guns, for sure, at 250-watts power handling and 55 pounds each, they can produce.

    These classic-sound speakers are:

    •3-way, dual 10-inch floor-standing speaker

    •250-watt power handling

    •91 dB sensitivity

    •37 to 20,000 Hz frequency response

    •8-ohm impedance

    •55 pounds per speaker

    As pictured, the only "defects" are:

    •a piece of the finish missing from the top of one of the speakers

    •some scuffing from moving

    •both sets of inputs need a little minor surgery. 

    Nothing you can't fix any number of ways with a couple dollars in parts from Radio Shack, 10 minutes, and a screwdriver. 

    However, thats a big deal for some non-technically proficient people, so we're discounting them to $200 for the PAIR. This is a screamin' deal.

    These guys retailed at $349 EACH, $698/pair. 
    They have not been used for several years -- we are selling them AS IS for $500 less than retail, at $200!!

    These are being sold as part of a fundraiser for Warehouse Alliance 501c3 Non-Profit, to help it continue its 25-year mission of providing an alcohol & drug free music performance space for young adults. www.AllAgesAlliance.org

    Scoop them up before someone else does!!

    WE ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT SHIP THESE -- local pick-up only!  They weigh 55 pounds each.