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  • EVERCLEAR huge vintage 1-of-a-kind CONCERT POSTER 03/17/98

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    This poster was created just for this single concert at the Hollywood Theater, back when WAREHOUSE PRODUCTIONS used to do shows there before the incredible damage of neglect affected the building.  The show featured Portland alternative rock band EVERCLEAR with Maryland alternative rock funk band JIMMIE'S CHICKEN SHACK, plus British alternative rock band FEEDER.  

    This show was on St. Patrick's Day 1998, at the Hollywood Theater in La Crosse, WI.  

    The show's headliner was EVERCLEAR, a Portland Oregon alternative rock band on Capitol Records.  EVERCLEAR had just released their album "So Much For The Afterglow", which featured the singles "Everything To Everyone", "I Will Buy You A New Life", and "Father Of Mine."    

    Direct support was Annapolis Maryland-based Alternative rock grunge funk crossover band JIMMIE's CHICKEN SHACK.  The band was promoting their new album "Pushing the Salmanilla Envelope" and the single "High."

    FEEDER from Wales opened the show, on a tour promoting their album "Polythene". Following this tour with EVERCLEAR, both bands went to tour the UK, where FEEDER headlined and EVERCLEAR opened.  Four years later, in January of 2002, drummer Jon Lee committed suicide.

    Although this show was on St. Patrick's Day, and everyone thought it would bomb competing with a drinking holiday, when tickets went on sale they were all gone in 90 minutes.

    This poster is the only large format version we have, and was custom designed specifically for this single show.

    This was 1998, so it was printed on what we had available: a large format architectural plotter at a local architecture firm.  The contrast is high, from using a cut and paste (with actual scissors and tape!) and a copy machine to create the small original.  While the quality is awful compared to today's posters, the historical value overshadows the high contrast.

    It measures 36 inches by 54 inches!!  Thats 3 FEET by 4 FEET 6 INCHES!  

    As with all of our custom designed for-the-event posters, it is a true piece of musical history!



    DATE:  03/17/98

    SIZE:  36 inches Wide x 54 inches High

    FORMAT:  Black and White blueprint plotter paper

    ADDL INFO:  Matte, just like a giant copy

    This 1-OF-A-KIND LARGE POSTER is being sold to help raise operating funds for WAREHOUSE ALLIANCE INC, a 501c3 non-profit organization that was formed in late 2013 to oversee the operation of WAREHOUSE all-ages venue in La Crosse Wisconsin, an all-ages drug and alcohol-free performance space for young adults that has operated since 1991 and is one of America's longest running all-ages no alcohol venues. 

    www.AllAgesAlliance.org  www.WareHouseRocks.com