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  • DUART permanent wave salon machine

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    This gigantic contraption would make an incredible centerpiece for a hair salon. Could be made into a lamp, etc.

    The Duart Permanent Wave Machine is probably from the 1930s, based on the various style elements that are obvious Art Deco designs.

    Although the machine looks like it came from some mad scientists lab, they were very common 70 years ago. Hard to believe people with that many electrical devices connected to their head at one time didn't get electrocuted. 

    This thing extends up to around 7 ft tall and is one of the rare ones that has survived. Has wheels and rolls around. WE HAVE NEVER PLUGGED IT IN AND I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THAT. The internal wiring is decades and decades old.

    We are selling a wide array of stuff to help raise money for Warehouse Alliance 501c3 Non-Profit here in La Crosse. 

    The Alliance needs funding to continue providing an alcohol & drug-free performance place for young adults.