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  • DIE HARD movie advertising Standee 65 inches tall!!

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    Well, Christmas is coming up, and I KNOW everyone's favorite Christmas movie is DIE HARD, the 1988 action flick that is "40 Stories of Sheer Adventure!". 

    I know friends who have DIE HARD parties on Christmas or Christmas Eve, and why not? 
    What's more fun on Christmas than watching John McClane outwit a bunch of diabolical German terrorists?

    This standee for the movie is 5 and a half feet tall, 41 inches wide. It features the helicopter crashing scene ("Looks like we're gonna need some more FBI guys") at the Nakatomi Towers and a large image of Bruce Willis.   It is made of multiple pieces, and the tower extends out from the background, as does the diagonal lower half.  So it is multi-dimensional.  

    It disassembles for storage, and is a little tricky to reassemble, but SO worth it.

    If you love Die Hard or Bruce Willis, this is the ultimate fan item to have in your abode. If you throw Die Hard parties, you will blow your friends minds with this piece of movie history that has survived for nearly 3 decades.

    You almost never see these popping up for sale.  This one is a little rough around the edges but it has been moved around for 27+ years and still survives.  We underpriced it to sell.

    ***We will NOT ship this piece. Local pick up only.***