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    This glass frosted and embossed Earth paperweight has been on Steve's desk since the 80s. It is solid glass, so it is considerably heavy. About the size of a baseball.

    As opposed to just frosting the glass and leaving the continents clear, the oceans on this are all etched and frosted, so the continents actually rise above the oceans a bit. Its really cool.

    Hoping to send it to a good home. It looks really classy on a desk, but is also interesting just up on a shelf. Alternatively, keep it handy in case someone breaks into your house. Hit someone in the head throwing this as a fastball and they'll never bother anyone again.

    If you want this shipped, figure in an additional $15 for packaging, time taking it to the post office, and postage.

    It is about 3 inches across, 9 inches measured around the equator.

    Proceeds from this are going to Warehouse Alliance 501c3, so not only are you getting something cool, YOU are donating to the cause!