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COLOR MORALE black Hope Never Loses Us crowd t-shirt SMALL raided from Kodie Testa of Narrow Hearts

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This black t-shirt features COLOR MORALE logo with the text "Hope Never Loses Us" with a crowd picture. This shirt is believed to be a size SMALL, as the tag is missing. There is a small hole from where the tag was ripped away. 

This shirt was raided from the closet of Kodie Testa from NARROW HEARTS to support Warehouse Alliance! You can wear Kodie's shirt!

This listing is part of our "Closet Raiders" campaign where various band members or music industry people contribute their t-shirts, tour shirts, and staff shirts to support Warehouse Alliance.

Most of the profit from this listing will go to help sustain Warehouse Alliance, Inc., a 501(c)3 all volunteer non-profit benefiting the La Crosse, WI area youth by providing a safe, alcohol-free environment to see local music and learn about the inner workings about being in the music business.  Warehouse Alliance is operated exclusively by volunteers.
A portion of the profit will be donated by Warehouse Alliance Inc to WAFER Food Pantry in La Crosse, to help their mission to provide food and eliminate hunger.