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  • Antique Hairdryer -- one of the first floor stand models

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    This antique hairdryer was once mounted on a stand.

    One of the earliest dryers from E. Frederics, Inc in New York City, the "Frederics Junior Hairdryer" is a really neat looking old unit.

    It would make a great centerpiece for a Salon. You could make it into a lamp or many other possibilities. 

    A steal at this price for a piece of salon history.

    This came from the La Crosse School of Beauty, then Scot Lewis School, then Scientific College of Beauty and Barbering.  

    We are selling this to raise money for Warehouse Alliance 501c3 Non-Profit here in La Crosse. www.AllAgesAlliance.org 

    The Alliance needs funding to continue providing an alcohol & drug-free performance place for young adults more than we need some cool memorabilia. 

    Your purchase will help prolong Warehouse Alliance 501c3 and The Warehouse!