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  • Antique Bonsai Tree (artificial) with porcelain geisha, cast iron base

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    I've had this desktop Bonsai Tree/porcelain figurine with a cast iron base on my desk since my first home office desk in the early 80s. Prior to that it was owned by my Aunt, who bought it in Japan in the 1960s. 

    Made with real bonsai tree branches, and beaded greenery. Some type of solid green "soil" (solid, non-loose) in a cast iron base holds the miniature tree. In the shade of the tree is a porcelain figurine of a woman in traditional Japanese garb.

    A really neat way to have a Bonsai tree that takes no upkeep. Except it doesn't look like some cheap WalMart item. 

    Measures 11" H x 11" W. 

    Pick up only, in La Crosse WI. Too complicated to ship.

    I am selling many of my long-time personal possessions, with proceeds going to Warehouse Alliance 501c3 Non-Profit, to help them keep their all ages substance free music performance space operating, after 25 years, for youth in the Coulee Region. www.AllAgesAlliance.org